Frequently asked questions


How many moorings are in Newport Harbor? Where are they located?

There are approximately 1,600 hundred mooring in Newport Harbor, both onshore and offshore moorings.  The moorings are located in seven different mooring fields spread throughout the harbor, designated A through K.  For a map of the harbor and detailed maps of each of the mooring fields, please click the "Mooring Fields" button below.

Mooring Fields

How can I get a mooring permit?

All mooring permits are administrated by the City of Newport Beach through the Harbor Department.  Moorings are transfered by mooring permit holders directly. Available moorings can be found in local publications like the Log, Craig's List and other local publications.  A mooring transfer must be completed when buying and selling a mooring permit, per Municipal Code Section 17.60.040. To transfer a mooring, you will be required to provide identification, vessel documentation, and proof of insurance.  Transfer forms must be fully completed, notarized and submitted to Harbor Department staff. Transfers are processed by appointment only and can be made by contacting the Department at  The transfer process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Individual mooring permits can only be transferred once per 12 month period, except when transferred between immediate family members.

How much do moorings cost?

There are 4 main costs components of obtaining  a mooring permit:  

  1. The cost of the Mooring Permit
  2. The transfer fee to the City for obtaining the permit
  3. The annual rent to the City
  4.  The bi-annual maintenance and servicing costs for the mooring balls and tackle.

Mooring Permit Costs - The value of a mooring permit can vary depending on the location and size of the mooring.  A general rule of thumb is approximately $1,000 - $1,500 per foot, though larger moorings and single point moorings have been valued higher. For an updated list of recent mooring transfers, please reference the list kept by the Harbor Department:

Mooring Permit Transfer Fee - The one-time permit transfer fee is 75% of the annual rental rate to the city. For 2019, the annual off-shore rental rate is $36.86 per linear foot. The transfer fee can be calculated as $36.86 x size of mooring x .75.

Annual Rent to the City - The annual rental cost of the mooring permit is a per linear foot cost which was set by City Council Resolution, and is adjusted annually by the lessor of CPI or 2%.  The annual per linear foot cost for off-shore moorings in 2019 is $36.86, which is billed monthly to mooring permit owners.

Mooring Tackle Maintenance - The permit owners mooring tackle must be renewed every two years, and this service can range between $500 and $2,000 depending on the work that must be performed.

How can I change the length of my mooring?

The Harbor Department Is in the process of updating the procedure for changing the lengths of moorings.  Please contact the Harbormaster's Office for the updated procedure until the Harbor Code is updated and approved by the City Council August 13, 2019.

What kind of sea lion protection equipment can I use?

The City requires all mooring permittees to employee and maintain appropriate sea lion deterrent measures to kee their vessels seal-free.  The City follows the guidelines set forth by NOAA.  Please visit their link for the latest allowable deterrents:

Are there moorings I can rent in the harbor?

Moorings are available for harbor guests on a first-come, first-served basis and upon availability. Please visit the City's link:

 guest slips, moorings and anchorage web page for rental information

The City also offers 23-overnight slips for vessels up to 55 feet. Marina Park is a 10.5-acre community center and sailing center with an onsite cafe, the Lighthouse Bayview Cafe. Guest accommodations include laundry, showers and restroom facilities, utilities, free Wi-Fi and beach, playground and picnic areas. For more information or to reserve a guest slip, please visit the City's  Marina Park web page.