Newport Mooring Association Files and Links

The following files and links contain helpful information for mooring permitees.  We will continue to update this section.  Contact us if you have suggestions!

The City of Newport Beach has a page devoted to Mooring Permittees, and it contains all the latest information and regulations pertaining to moorings in the Newport Harbor.  Shown here are the general regulations, a discussion of offshore permits and rates, onshore moorings, guest moorings and mooring transfers:

Recent NMA publications and meeting presentations are shown below.  Archived pre-2018 NMA Newsletters can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


City of Newport Beach Files and Links

The following links are to materials on the City of Newport Beach's website.  Please note that the city keeps extensive records of past Harbor Commission and City Council agendas, staff reports and minutes. 

Information on the City's Harbor Department and further links to harbor resources can be found here:

The latest schedule of Harbor Fees and Rents can be found here:

Information on the Harbor Commission and their meetings, agendas and minutes can be found here:

Information on the City Council and their meetings, agendas, minutes and videos can be found here:

The Beacon Bay Bill is a reference to the California State Lands Commission’s grant of sovereign tide and submerged lands in trust to the City of Newport Beach (City). The original grant was dated July 25, 1919 and there have been several separate amendments since then, including a new grant in 1978. All of these combined documents are referred to as the Beacon Bay Bill (bill) for simplicity purposes, and can be found here:


Archived NMA Newsletters

The newsletters from 2008 through 2016 are archived below as downloadable PDFs.  

These are in the original web page format written by our former webmaster, Chip Donnelly.